Creative Services offered by LEGGITT STUDIO range from complex site master planning efforts to quickly generated sketches for promoting an idea. Jim Leggitt, FAIA has thirty years of experience working with large public gatherings, focus groups and business leaders.  Concept design services vary from early design explorations to final presentations, and include:

  1. Urban design and master planning

  2. Design charrettes

  3. Community meetings and workshops

  4. Proposals and interviews

  5. Strategic planning

  6. Formal presentations

  7. Competitions

  8. Fundraising

  9. Consensus building

  10. Due diligence

  11. Education


Jim Leggitt, FAIA works with developers, design firms, businesses and institutions who are seeking more imaginative and quicker approaches to conceptual design and visualization.  Jim has developed the successful “onsite design charrette” that provides creative design solutions that fit with today’s time and money constraints - offering multiple design options and effective visual presentation materials in an efficient and interactive process.

LEGGITT STUDIO offers creative consulting for established design firms and organizations needing the assistance from a design professional. Jim teams with talented design firms to strengthen their range of services and he leads design efforts for growing businesses and expanding institutions.


Architects, Urban Design and Planning Firms, Landscape Architects, Transportation, Interior Designers, Contractors


Schools and Colleges, Civic, Municipal, Churches, Health Care, Museums, Arts and Entertainment, non-profit groups


Retail, Restaurants, Residential, Mixed-Use,  Office, Financial


Home Owners

For more information about Creative Services: contact Jim